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For many people around the world paintball as a sport and as an activity has been a way to get out and have fun in a way that promotes fitness and skills development. In a world that needs community support and team building more than ever, we strive to create an industry that is inclusive and progressive. We have been developing leadership programs and cross cultural cooperation between various countries worldwide. The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us the importance of putting together sound and practically applicable Protocols which has seen various countries opening the Paintball Industry again. The sport is non-contact, social distancing has been easy to maintain and Compliance Officers have maintained Protocol Implementation and discipline even in recreational situations.
We look to our Paintball community to assist in making sure these Protocols are uniformly implemented worldwide. You are the voice that can keep our sport alive and well.

Science & Medicine

The formation of Protocols are based on scientific evidence from various fields and the implementation is to go through public testing and sustainability studies. Protocols are about saving lives and protecting the public and private sectors.

Compassion & Ethics

In considering the implementation and use of Protocols we put People First as lives are at stake. Ethical considerations are to form a baseline in terms of the sharing of information and the use of data to form the needed Protocol measures.

Technology & Monitoring

The use of Technology fundamentally changes how effectively we are able to implement Protocols and then monitor their effectiveness. Monitoring data and the ever changing direction of the challenges we face in the world determines the speed of our response.

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Protocol guidelines

important things to know

The protocols being implemented worldwide and relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic are guidelines, measures and procedures formed by medical bodies, councils, and scientific research and study. It is advised that you consult directly with your Government or representative Council or Association before implementing any COVID-19 protocols. There are many legal implications if you implement measures that are not uniformly accepted worldwide. Currently the main reference point for all COVID-19 protocols is the World Health Organization:

Please seek legal assistance and oversight when developing or implementing any protocol measures.
This site and all related sites DO NOT in any way or form develop protocols and all protocols listed on the site are guidelines only, by the relevant representative organisation. This site is a Public Benefit page with the aim of studying the impact of COVID-19 on Tourism in South Africa.

Paintball Guidelines

In Paintball we as a sport and activity that involves the public are already safety conscious and have Marshalls in place. Our PPE or Personal Protective Equipment and Gear is of a high standard. We have goggles, face masks and easily cleaned clothing during game time.
We now need to take that same discipline a few steps further to make sure that COVID-19 does not impact lives due to the sport.
We ask that you all follow the best practices as suggested by your Governments worldwide. That you implement social distancing, the wearing of masks in public spaces and around team members. That you implement the correct COVID-19 hygiene practices suited to your person and your equipment. This includes adequate use of sanitizers and other cleaning measures suited to paintball. Practice good etiquette when sneezing or coughing around any other person. Make sure a Marshall and and Compliance Officer are on duty during sporting hours and that you personally check in with them to record the various health status checks needed.
Thank you all for keeping our sport safe in times of COVID-19.

South Africa

Tourism Industry Standard Protocols for COVID-19 Operations by TBCSA

Painball Players QR-ME Steps by SANPA
To make entry at venues as easy as possible for players and visitors, reducing paperwork, adhering to government regulations and protecting their personal information, SANPA approved Paintball Venues will require everyone to Check-In/Out at the venue using their own personal QR code for each visit at the venue.

General Teams Rules by Paintball City

Risk Adjustment Strategy for Paintball and Airsoft Venues


French Paintball Health&Safety Protocol by the French Paintball Federation (French)
This protocol was the foundation that led to the re-opening of the Paintball Industry in France.


Ordonance from the Minister of Moldova "Regarding the resumption of the training course and the training in gyms and fitness" (Romanian)


Standard Operating Procedures for all Paintball Businesses - issued by the president of Malaysia (English)

Standard Operating Procedures for playing Paintball Games - issued by the president of Malaysia (English)


Initiative "Safe Paintball" by the German Paintball League

In order to start a step by step program to reopen the paintball fields in Germany, the German Paintball League created the initiative "Safe Paintball". A coalition of clubs, associations and interested parties have come together to put self-regulated extra measures in place. When the time came to re-open the paintball fields, those measures would ensure that paintball can be practiced again safely, rather sooner than later.

Paintball has always been:
non contact sport / full face mask / full body clothing / at least 80m2 space per player / no risk groups / only small groups

Extra voluntary safety measures put in place:
staff to wear protective gear / digital sign up before arriving at a venue (no queues) / extra hygiene measures & sanitizing of gear / cash free and contact free payment options / no spectators / open air activity / marked off rest areas per team/player

Paintball fields display the following safety rules (downloadable on the website (in German):
Safety Rules Brochure - Keep Distance - Your Mask is Sanitized - No Entry - Personal Hygiene Rules - How to Wash your Hands - Your Gear is Sanitized - Extra Safety Rules


Paintball in Massachusetts - Proposed Safeguarding Guidance as a part of Stay at Home 2.0 - issued by the New England Paintball Coalition


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